Einlanzer is on Steam Greenlight

I have just put Einlanzer on Steam Greenlight. The link is here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=539348516

After just an hour or so I’m already getting exactly what I expected. “Just another RPG Maker game.” I knew I would get these comments, but it is still hard to read. I know my game is different and better than every other RPG Maker game, but how do I adequately portray this to people seeing it?

One guy said, basically, what makes your game different than all the other RPG Maker games out there? My response was:

“Einlanzer stands out from other RPG Maker games for a few reasons.
First is the quality. This has been a project of mine for a year and a half. Over 1000 hours (yes, I actually tracked it) of development and playtesting by me.
Second, this game has a story that is at the quality of a novel. I am also a writer.
Third, there are permanent changes to the game depending on complex moral decisions you make. Also, the choice that you have to make which determines which ending you receive is a VERY tough decision. I promise you will sit on that choice prompt of the two options for a very long time.”

I hope that was good enough. How can I make people know how good this game is? The proof is in the pudding… but I have to get them to eat the pudding first. :-/

On another note, everything is coming together. I set an official release date: November 15, 2015!