Einlanzer release pushed to Saturday Nov. 21

Einlanzer is ready to go! Unfortunately, the website is being a pain. It is frustrating for me to have the game 100% completed, polished, and ready to go and not be able to release it because WordPress is a mess and a half. All should be fixed by Saturday the 21st. Calling some professionals today.

Nov. 14th release date on track!

The official, world release of Einlanzer by NostalgiaAddictGames is on track to be released November 14th, 2015. Are you ready?!

Pre-release Einlanzer on Twitch tonight at 7PM EST!

A beta, pre-release version of Einlanzer will be played by my good buddy Doc Wattson on twitch tonight at 7:00PM EST! Get a sneak peek at Einlanzer before it is released! Chat with me, the creator of Einlanzer and founder of NostalgiaAddictGames LLC. Go Here: http://www.twitch.tv/docwattson