The Year of the Lumin: Prologue

Book 1: The Year of the Lumin, Prologue

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This is the prologue of the fantasy trilogy “The Lumin Prophecies” by Andrew Ryan Henke. Check back each Friday for the next chapter. If you would like to purchase the full book and not wait, it can be purchased here for $7.99*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Book 1: The Year of the Lumin

The Lumin Prophecies: Chiron Truth translation

The Lumin is born of the light, lives through the light, dines of the light, and will die disjunct from the light. He is neither creator nor destroyer, yet everything is and will be created and destroyed from him.

Kings and lords will fear yet praise him. Like a lion, he has power to take all desired, though the lion only takes what is needed. Like the behemoths of the deep oceans, he waits in darkness; yet despite desires, time forces him to surface to the light or drown.

From lands beyond time he will be summoned riding the light to a world that will humble him. From the youngest yet oldest of hills he will be birthed to this world void of childhood and yet childhood he had. On the ridge of young and old mountains, between warring lands he will be thrust between.

The friends of the Lumin are also his enemies, for he does not take sides. Kin will be separated upon arrival to our world. Those who accompany him are a bird the majestic, a rodent the mischievous, a lion the protector, and a feline the fickle. All will betray him.

Freed will be the meek and oppressed upon the arrival of the Lumin. All will bask in equality and enlightenment. Beasts of the past will dwindle in the new light.

That which creates light spawns shadows. The closer light is, the larger the shadow.

The three vigors he will wield through denial. The chakra of all is the power of the Lumin. The fourth vigor he rides like a gull on an ocean breeze.

The Lumin protects all. The Lumin saves all. The Lumin destroys all.


Noir regained consciousness and screamed. It was a strange thing, screaming uncontrollably from sheer terror and pain. Everyone thinks that in a dire, life-threatening emergency, they will be the one who keeps calm and collected.They will be the one who confidently leaps first to the rescue or does the thoughtful thing while others panic. Even as Noir pounded and pulled on the boulder pinning and crushing his leg, he realized just how out-of-control he was over himself.

Aimee screamed even louder nearby. She held her hands on her head, fingers weaved through her long brown hair. She paced back and forth a few feet above in the dry hillside looking down at her cousin. “Noir!” she screamed over and over through her tears. She seemed to be looking for a way to climb down to him.

Finally Noir got enough of his wits back to say, “Don’t come down here, Aimee! Don’t! The rocks might shift more and crush you too!”

Aimee stopped at that, but cried out, “What do I do, Noir? What do I do?” She was looking at Noir and away again repeatedly and Noir realized it must be a horrific sight for her, though Noir couldn’t really see his body because he could barely prop himself up on one elbow.

Noir tried to pull his body away from the rock and was filled with immense pain again. He could barely breath and fell back in the dirt. Millions of silver dots swirled in his vision and blackness closed in. He forced out, “Call for help!”

Aimee shrieked back, “I tried! There’s no service out here!”

Noir’s head involuntarily fell to the ground and he thought he said the words, “Then run!”


Consciousness came back to Noir suddenly but weakly. He felt different than he had just a few seconds ago… or was it minutes ago? He couldn’t tell. The pain from his crushed leg was mostly gone, but it was replaced with an odd numbness. He looked up to where Aimee had just been and saw only the orange sky of a setting sun. He neither heard nor saw any sign of his cousin. He finally looked around at the small sunken area that he had fallen into and studied the cave since it the reason he had climbed the precarious rocks in the first place. One ray of light from the setting sun now streamed directly into the opening. Noir blinked and wondered if what he was seeing was his stressed mind glitching. On the wall of the cave he saw row after row of etched pictures and what seemed to be English words, though they were too faded to make out. They looked ancient, like carvings and cave paintings that he had seen in his history books at school. Something in the back of his head told him that didn’t make sense for some reason, but his attention was drawn to a sloped series of rocks. No, not just sloped rocks, it was a carved stone staircase that led down deeper into the cave.

Help didn’t arrive for about an hour, as far as Noir could tell. The entire time, he stared at the cave, the image of it burning into his eyes and memory. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt unnaturally drawn to it. How could it exist? What did those shapes and faded English words mean? Eventually, the sun set and the cave was simply a black smudge in his dark surroundings.

People swarmed around Noir, sirens could be heard nearby, and a helicopter flew overhead. As the boulder was lifted from Noir’s leg, unbelievable pain again shot through his body. Noir tried to keep staring at the cave even though he felt consciousness slipping from him. If he lived through this, he had to come back to that cave.

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