-800,000 Y.W.

Yvalak, Lanzer, and Avalice decide to use their power to
create. They make one star and several planets that circle it.

-200,000 Y.W.

Yvalak, Lanzer, and Avalice decide to create plant life in
their realms.

-40,000 Y.W.

Yvalak, Lanzer, and Avalice decide to create sentient beings
to inhabit their realms. Each create their own races. These beings would
be ruled and protected by each god respectively.

-18,000 Y.W. Angels develop written language.


-14,800 Y.W.

Avalice and Lanzer agree to let their two intelligent races
have access to each other. The Amulet of Canaan is forged and angels and
Dwarves meet for the first time.

-3,542 Y.W.

Ryliai falls to earth and meets Ailfred. The Amulet of Canaan is destroyed in the process and its pieces fall to Earth.

-3,541 Y.W.

Ailfred and Ryliai are exiled by dwarven race because of their love and unborn, godless child.

-3,347 Y.W.

First human town reaches a population of 100

-293 Y.W.

Strahl Empire spreads across most of the world. Human
population decreases for the first time in the history of the human race.

-234 Y.W.

Strahl empire falls to Riddari army

-47 Y.W.

Yvalak creates the Amulet of the Abyss on his own.

-13 Y.W.

Yvalak rises in power and starts attacking Earth. Dwarves hold
off Abyss forces for 4 years, but Yvalak’s power grows. Earth Dwarven
population: 230,000

-7 Y.W.

Yvalak’s power reaches Canaan and the Angels join the battle.

1 Y.W.

Order of the Swordbearers established from the heroes who
vanquished Yvalak using the Einlanzer

17 Y.W.

Old Fusilier Kingdom is abandoned. The continent of Fusilier is
inhospitable after the war with Yvalak poisoned and stripped the land.

17 Y.W.

Old Fusilier Kingdom is abandoned. The continent of Fusilier is
inhospitable after the war with Yvalak poisoned and stripped the land.

191 Y.W.

Angel rebellion against Aganor is formed.

320 Y.W.

Without the power and protection of Lanzer, the worldwide
population of Dwarves falls to 5000.

341 Y.W.

Second angel rebellion is successful in taking back Canaan, but
cannot destroy Aganor. Aganor is sealed inside Kronin Manor.

349 Y.W.

First new angel council is elected and meets for the first time.

535 Y.W.

People return to Fusilier continent.

633 Y.W.

Mount Toureg erupts killing 6,000 humans and 2,000 dwarves.
Current world human population: 78,000. Current world Dwarven population:

822 Y.W.

Victor born

840 Y.W.

Victor’s parents die and he joins the Swordbearers.

-400,000 Y.W.

Yvalak, Lanzer, and Avalice make one of the planets
special. They separate each into their own domains with the intent of
experimenting with more creations. Avalice creates the sky realm, Lanzer
develops the land, and Yvalak creates oceans and the Abyss.

-80,000 Y.W.

Yvalak, Lanzer, and Avalice decide to create living
creatures in their realms.

-20,000 Y.W.

sentient races flourish, develop language, tools, and spread
across each of their realms. Angel population: 3,000. Dwarven population:
14,000. Abyss creatures population: 38,000.

-15,000 Y.W. Dwarves develop written language.

-9,450 Y.W.

Angel and Dwarven war. Amulet of Canaan is hidden away in Canaan and all communication and interactions between the Angels and
Dwarves cease.

-3,540 Y.W.

First human born

-3,521 Y.W.

Ailfred is slain by dwarven hands. First humans and Ryliai return to exile.

-2,980 Y.W.

First human kingdom formed reaching across 3 towns and a
population of 3800

-241 Y.W

Farnris Riddari forms resistance movement against Strahl empire

-230 Y.W.

Riddari Kingdom established with seven towns and a human population of 22,000. It incorporates former Strahl Empire.

-35 Y.W.

Lanzer destroys the Amulet of the Abyss after Dwarven and Abyss

-9 Y.W.

Dwarven armies are overrun and the forces of the Abyss spill
freely over onto Earth. Earth Dwarven population: 80,000

0 Y.W.

Lanzer sacrifices his power to be put into the Einlanzer to
transfer his power to the human race. Yvalak is defeated and driven back
to the Abyss. World Dwarven population: 35,000. World human population:

5 Y.W.

Swordbearer Temple is completed.

67 Y.W.

In Canaan, the angel Aganor usurps power from the Angel Council
and becomes grand dictator over all of Canaan.

195 Y.W.

Angel rebellion is defeated and disbanded.

339 Y.W.

Second angel rebellion is formed.

345 Y.W.

Kronin Manor is abandoned by Angels. Estelar and the Hall of
Wisdom is built.

475 Y.W.

Plant life is able to grow on Fusilier continent once more.

615 Y.W.

New Fusilier Kingdom is established with two towns and 3,500

817 Y.W.

Kairn, Duncan, and Shen stop traveling together

827 Y.W.

Former Swordbearer leader passes on leadership to Kairn.

841 Y.W.

Einlanzer is stolen from Swordbearer Temple. Victor splits from
the order out of shame and goes freelance. Other Swordbearers scatter
across Earth to search for the Einlanzer. Current world Dwarven
population: 584. Current world human population: 209,000