Creator of Einlanzer battling bots for charity!

Andrew Henke, creator of Einlanzer, will be battling robots at Joystick Game Bar in Atlanta to benefit Child’s Play charity. Today at 1:00 the action starts! Come support or just drink and enjoy watching! #joystickgamebar #indiegamedev #rpg

Einlanzer release pushed to Saturday Nov. 21

Einlanzer is ready to go! Unfortunately, the website is being a pain. It is frustrating for me to have the game 100% completed, polished, and ready to go and not be able to release it because WordPress is a mess and a half. All should be fixed by Saturday the 21st. Calling some professionals today.

Einlanzer is on Steam Greenlight

I have just put Einlanzer on Steam Greenlight. The link is here: After just an hour or so I’m already getting exactly what I expected. “Just another RPG Maker game.” I knew I would get these comments, but it is still hard to read. I know my game is different and better than every other RPG Maker game, but …

About creativity

I have just completed Einlanzer a few weeks ago. I am now hiring playtesters, doing legal stuff, website building, and other necessary steps to releasing the game that are not actually working directly on the game. I figured I’d write about what it was like making an entire RPG video game while it is still fresh in my head. I’ve …